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Optical technology

Optical device & module technology

Optical system design

  • Micro-optics system design for fiber coupling
    (Design and optimal selection of fibers lenses as well as various functional components in accordance with the specifications)


  • Coupling efficiency calculation of modeled fibers
  • Optical system/module optimization and fiber coupling efficiency simulation with Zemax

Lens design

  • Lens design with Zemax

Mechanical resonance optimization

  • Main frame , components, fiber,... design optimization to avoid any disturbance due to mechanical resonance

Thermal design

  • Design of components and main frame taking into account the thermal conductivity, the heat transfer, the thermal radiation, and the heat source size effect

Packaging design

  • Compact and high-density packaging design of optical devices and circuit boards taking into account the fabrication processes

Fabrication technology

  • YAG laser welding of optical device components, including the fiber pigtail
  • Optical components fixation using optical adhesives or conductive adhesives
  • Low-loss fusion splicing of fibers with different mode-fields

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