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Electronic circuit technology

Laser driver circuit

Large current LD driver circuit

  • Optical amplifier pump laser driver
  • 100 W-class high-power LD array control
  • APC, ACC,... controls

Short pulse LD driver circuit

  • Sub-ns and large current LD driver
  • Flex pulsar Series (variable pulse-width, repetition frequency), etc.

Low-noise LD driver circuit

  • Wavelength-tunable laser control circuit
  • Narrow linewidth (< 100 kHz) LD driver

Receiver circuit

High-sensitivity receiver circuit

  • Photon counting circuit for PMT
  • LIDAR receiver circuit using an APD


TEC control circuit

  • TEC circuit for temperature stabilization with an accuracy of less than 0.01 ℃.

Lithium Niobate (LiNbO3) control circuit

  • LN modulator control circuit is required for the precise bias control in equipment such as the Two-tone generator.

FPGA logic circuit

  • Xilinx, Altera FPGA logic
  • FIR, IIR digital filter

Firmware & software

  • FPGA with built-in microcomputer (NIOSII)
  • Device control using external microcomputer and GUI

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