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Board Members

CEOTakeshi Shimada
  1. March 1994B.A. in law, Seikei University
  2. 1994-1995 Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley (former Kokusai Securities Co., Ltd.)
  3. 1995-2001Oyokoden Laboratory (dissolved in March 2006)
  4. 2001-2002OPTQUEST Co., Ltd.
  5. 2002-2003Fujitsu Higashi Nihon Digital Technology Limited (merged with Fujitsu limited in July 2005)
  6. January 2004Established Trimatiz Co., Ltd. (former Trimatiz Ltd.), CEO
DirectorNaoto Yoshimoto
  1. March 1998M.C. in electrical engineering, Hokkaido University
  2. April 1988Opto-electronics Laboratories, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation,
  3. October 2000General Manager of engineering, Optical semiconductor device business department, NTT Electronics Corporation
  4. November 2010Visiting Professor, Graduate school of Information Science and Technology, Hokkaido University
  5. July 2011General Manager and Supervisor of Research Access Network Service Systems Laboratories, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
  6. October 2012Director
  7. April 2014Professor, Faculty of Photonics Science and Technology, Chitose Institute of Science and Technology
  8. April 2014Trimatiz Co., Ltd., Advisor
  9. April 2015Trimatiz Co., Ltd., Director
CFOMitsuhide Kazo
  1. March 1997B.A. in social science, Rikkyo Universitiy
  2. 1997 -2002Risona Bank (former Asahi Bank)
  3. 2003-2006 Five eyes Networks
  4. December 2006Trimatiz co., Ltd, CFO
DirectorYosuke Shiratori
  1. 1997-2003Otari Inc.
  2. January 2008MBA in Management, Pace University Lubin school of Business (US)
  3. 2008-2015Innovation Engine Inc.
  4. August 2015Trimatiz Co., Ltd., Executive officer
  5. August 2017Trimatiz Co., Ltd., Director
DirectorKenichi Suzuki
  1. March 1990M.E.,in electronics, Utsunomiya University
  2. April 1990Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT Corporation)
  3. May 1990NTT Transmission Systems Laboratories, NTT Corporation
    *Worked for Research and Development of optical pulse transmission systems and optical switches.
  4. July 2000NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories, NTT Corporation
    *Worked for Research and Development of optical access systems, and those international standardizations.
  5. March 2009Ph.D., in information science, Hokkaido University
  6. October 2012Senior Research Engineer, Supervisor
  7. April 2013Group Leader/Senior Research Engineer, Supervisor
  8. March 2018Retired from NTT
  9. April 2019Trimatiz Limited.
  10. June 2021Trimatiz Limited., Executive Officer
  11. June 2022Trimatiz Limited., Director
AuditorShunsuke Endo
  1. 1996-2000Mizuho Information & Research Institute, Inc.(former Fuji Research Institute Corporation)
  2. 2000-2004Five eyes Networks co., Ltd.
  3. January 2005CPX Limited, CEO
  4. May 2009Trimatiz co., Ltd., Auditor
  5. September 2013Mujaki Foods Co., Ltd., Auditor
  6. January 2014FELISTELLA Co., Ltd., Advisor
Senior AdviserNobuhide Yamaguchi

Worked on R&D of optical communication systems and opticalcomponents in Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. and Fujitsu Limited Network Business Group, and then worked on business management in Fujitsu Optical Components Limited.

Strategic Technology AdviserHironobu Narui

Worked as a specialist and expert in compound semiconductor with more than 30 years experience in SONY Corp., and then worked as director of POWDEC, company specializing in developing/providing GaN power devices.

Intellectual Property AdviserIsao Shimeno

Served as the intellectual property director of Konica Corporation (now Konica Minolta, Inc.), much of his considerable experience and expertise is in patent issues and intellectual poetry strategies.

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